Girls on the Run Towards a Healthy Life

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Image courtesy of Girls on the Run website

Ever heard of Girls on the Run? Yeah, me either, until I got to college and joined a sorority. Funny enough, this is my sororities philanthropic organization. This means we host philanthropies and the money that we raise goes to Girls on the Run. Girls on the Run is an organization that teaches young girls how to stay healthy and confident while also incorporating running. This program is really great because not only does it teach young girls how to be mentally healthy, it also teaches them to be physically healthy at a young age.

When I was younger in elementary school and high school the only times I would exercise was during gym class, and everyone knows kids dreaded gym class (or at least I did). If I would have done a program similar to GOTR when I was younger, maybe I would have enjoyed running more at this age. And maybe it would have been easier for me to stay on a consistent health track. That is why I think it’s extremely important to have programs like these because young girls are able to have fun with their friends outside of school while also being healthy and learning valuable life skills.

Despite their title, Girls on the Run isn’t only about running. Running is actually what they look forward to at the end of the program because they get to show off their hard work with doing a 5k in their local community. The girls themselves love this program because they can take their skills they have learned and apply them to everyday life, not only in school but outside of school as well.

I have personally seen first hand how beneficially Girls on the Run is and how much these young girls appreciate this program. Two years ago myself and some women in my sorority drove to Corvallis to see all of their hard work they have been working on being showcased in the 5k. All of the girls were dressed in pink tutu’s with bows in their hair and looked so happy to be running 3 miles! We were there to support them on the side lines and cheer them on when they reached the finish line.

The girls were so happy with themselves after the race and it showed us how important this program is. At their age right now they probably don’t realize how the skills they have learned will carry them through their entire life. Learning how to be healthy at a young age is so important because they will grow up wanting to continue to exercise to better their physical and mental health. This year we also plan on supporting the girls at their annual 5k and I am so excited to see their smiling faces when they finish the race.



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