How Sustainability and Meat Fit in the Same Sentence: Tyson Foods

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Tyson Foods, you know, the meat company that has “all natural” written all over it. Well, how natural is it really? Well, according to their website, they seem like they care if their food is sustainable and if their animals are being well-taken care of.

A lot of big companies have recently been hopping on the bandwagon of being environmentally friendly and using sustainable practices. Tyson Foods is one of those companies that is owning up to having a corporate social responsibility of holding some sustainable practices when it comes to being a big company.

Yes, they are making a lot of money, but how are they using their money to help protect the earth?

I personally find it ironic that Tyson, a meat company, is clamming that they are sustainable and that they are trying to help the Earth. I find it funny because animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, water and air pollution, and biodiversity loss. I do not understand how you can be environmentally friendly if the point of your whole company is animal agriculture and killing animals to eat them.

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Photo courtesy of Google images.

According to their website, they have been trying to reduce the amount of water they use and the amount of greenhouse gases they are producing. Tyson Foods recognizes that what they do is not the best for the Earth, I just think they might be trying too hard for a meat company.

I do appreciate that they have a whole section on their website about sustainability and animal treatment. However, I mean come on, if anyone has ever seen a vegan documentary or researched about animal agriculture they know it is a little far-fetched for a meat company. Because after all, it takes 6 gallons of water to make one hamburger.

A lot of meat companies claim that their animals were “free range” and their meat is “all natural,” but most often then not, that is just not true. Free range does not mean running around in grass and living a happy life. It usually means they are stuck in a cage and do not get to go outside.

On the Tyson Food website, I would like to see a video or pictures of their farms so they can prove that what they are saying about the animal’s living conditions is true.

However, I do appreciate that Tyson even has a section on their website about sustainability, because most big companies do not even recognize that it exists. Although, I think that they are a lot of talk and there is not a lot of evidence to back up what they are saying. I think that Tyson Foods first needs to recognize how much water it takes to make the meat and how much greenhouse gases are being used, and then they need to compare their own personal numbers to it.

I appreciate that they want to be environmentally friendly but to someone viewing their website, it comes off as fake and not genuine. It is like a cigarette company having a “how to prevent cancer” tab on their website, people can see right through that.

If they truly want to be a sustainable company, then they should probably reconsider their whole business and the product that they are selling.


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